Sikorsky H-3 / S-61 Helicopter - Serial# 64-14234 *NEW ARRIVAL*

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The Sikorsky S-61 / H-3 was a heavy-lift helicopter active during the Southeast Asia War years and beyond. It was uniquely equipped to perform search and rescue missions with its armor and armament, pioneering in-flight fueling system, and more - everything needed to put its crew in harm’s way to rescue fellow downed airmen and ensure that our brave soldiers were not left behind.

Sikorsky produced many notable helicopters such as the UH-60 Black Hawk, SH-60 Seahawk, and every U.S. Presidential helicopter since 1957.  The world’s first production helicopter, the Sikorsky R-4, was produced from 1942 to 1944. 

The H-3 is a twin-engine, heavy-lift helicopter, used mainly as a combat search and rescue aircraft by the U.S. Air Force. This craft, with some variations, is also known as CH-3C/E, HH-3E Jolly Green Giant, and the U.S. Coast Guard’s HH-3F Pelican. Only a handful of HH-3Es was manufactured, but several CH-3Es (non-combat search and rescue variant) were converted to HH-3Es.

The first USAF Jolly Green Giants were sent to Da Nang Air Base in South Vietnam and Udorn Air Base in Thailand during the Southeast Asia War. They were painted green and brown camouflage and could be deployed to North Vietnam immediately and perform long hours of grueling search and rescue missions in support of the U.S. troops.

It carried two 7.62 mm M-60 machine guns and was well-honed for Combat Search and Rescue. Its airframe became the basis for future CSAR helicopters, with many innovations still in place today on modern military helicopters. It was later used in CSAR missions in Operation Desert Storm, and to retrieve aerospace equipment in support of the Space Shuttle program. 

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